Our unique approach

We teach swimming as
‘A Performance Art’

I believe Swimming is much much more than just a sport or form of exercise. I want people to swim to live, not just compete. The benefits to both mind and body are well documented: From working all the major muscle groups in the body to helping circulation and breathing, to helping with depression, PTSD, and dementia. But its not just good for mind and body, it’s also good for the “soul”!!

You will be taught the importance of connection and to swim with grace and style, with speed and endurance through efficiency the natural bi-products. So whether you are looking for that marginal gain for competition, or to simply be empowered to swim better for the rest of your life we are here, whatever your level or start point (and its never too late to start).

  • The latest thinking to coach you to swim fast and efficiently but with style and grace.

  • We teach you to harness your strengths so that you are swimming from A to B beautifully.

  • Our theory is that once you are “connected”, working on the efficiency, speed, and endurance become easy.

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Let’s get started!

Where we swim

A choice of venues from open water lakes, relaxing getaways by the sea, heated lidos and the beauty of the Med!


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People love SwimLab

He has coached my swim for the past two years! The man is a legend!

Emma Jackson

As always, a huge thank you to @salimswimlab for giving me virtual fins.

Under the fig tree

I literally cannot stop smiling… finally I’ve mastered my fear of open water swimming.

Alison Beck

Hi Salim, so the new technique seems to work – swam a 750m PB last night, over 2 minutes quicker. Thanks!


I did it! I am an ironman. I really enjoyed the swim, thanks to you.


An unexpectedly mind-blowing weekend learning to swim. Brilliant, kind, effective teaching. I’ve never before learnt so much so fast.

Clare Sambrook