The Kit Kat Swim Klub started back in 2013 originally as a home for displaced Open Water Swimmers looking to stay fit and improve their strokes and fitness over winter.

We now have a thriving club catering for swimmers of all levels, and a dedicated lane for children. We work on the SwimLab HexSwim platform which uses the latest proved thinking in stroke evolution (Keri Anne Payne’s Straight Line, along with elements of Swim Smooth, TI, etc). Although each session is stand alone, allowing swimmers to “dip” in and out, there is a steady methodology that weights one of the following each week in the programs (whilst covering them all): Endurance, Stroke style, Speed, Pacing, strength and tactical breathing.


Sessions run for 1 hour, with a 5min pre swim briefing. £20 annual membership (Includes Club hat, discount on private sessions, and a free KitKat (seriously) every session, plus £10 per session.


Runs October to April, 18:30-19:30