Project Description

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Perfect your stroke in the sea

We aim to perfect your front crawl and/or breaststroke in the sea. After a brief audit on your stroke in the indoor pool, we go through the stroke dynamics over breakfast. We will then do our first introduction to sea swimming at Gylly beach, followed by some yoga. Later in the late afternoon we will do our second gentle sea swim from bay to bay. The weekend is designed for swimmers who can complete a minimum of 200m (not necessarily fast) of a mixture of strokes. We will teach you to:
  1. Improve your basic strokes
  2. Show you how you can adapt your stroke for the sea (and/or wearing a wetsuit)
  3. Manage your anxiety before and during your swim.
  4. Manage your progress following the weekend with guidance for a personal plan.
Who Is It For
  1. People who simply want to improve their confidence and stroke technique, whilst managing their anxiety.
  2. Triathletes and event sign-ups who would like to understand how to make the right minor stroke adaptions to take full advantage of sea swimming and wetsuits (if wearing one).


The next clinic is scheduled for 2022/11/20. See the Diary for details.


£150 per person + Accommodation (Non residents = £170)

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