Teaching you to swim more mindfully

We believe in treating Swimming as a performance art, and one that is best mastered by connecting with water. Strokes evolve, and we use the latest thinking to coach you to swim fast and efficiently but with style and grace. We also work on your mental approach so that you swim more mindfully.

SwimLab will help you to cut through the water effortlessly.the best way to swim is always evolving, and we harness the latest thinking in our approach. Having said that, the stroke will always carry an element of personal signature, as we are all assymetric, and vary physiologically and by swim history. We may also carry injuries that need to be accommodated. Finally it is also important to understand personal aims and objectives which may vary from speed, and endurance for an event or race, to simply wishing to swim and efficiently in a variety of swim settings, just for the sake of it. We aim to empower you by identifying your strengths and weaknesses and showing you how best to deploy them.

Our clients range from IronMen to swimming pool novices, from ages 3 to 93.

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Our methodology

The Salim SwimLab stroke methodology is based on our own 7 point stroke plan. We have experience (and training) of all the usual methodologies out there including Swim Smooth, Total Immersion, The Shaw Method, Swimming Nature, STA, Becky Addlington’s Swim Story Programme, and Straightline (Keri-anne Paynes’s Open Water ). Whilst we value aspects of them all, Straightline is currently the one we are most aligned with.

Meet Salim

Salim Ahmed is SwimLab Founder and Head Coach.

People love SwimLab

He has coached my swim for the past two years! The man is a legend!

Emma Jackson

As always, a huge thank you to @salimswimlab for giving me virtual fins.

Under the fig tree

I literally cannot stop smiling… finally I’ve mastered my fear of open water swimming.

Alison Beck

Hi Salim, so the new technique seems to work – swam a 750m PB last night, over 2 minutes quicker. Thanks!


I did it! I am an ironman. I really enjoyed the swim, thanks to you.


An unexpectedly mind-blowing weekend learning to swim. Brilliant, kind, effective teaching. I’ve never before learnt so much so fast.

Clare Sambrook